David Nastasi

Web page admin

Passionate about computer science and self-taught.
I'm the web site admin and idealist of vSharing.
I often dedicate myself to personal projects for hobby.
Also available for ship partners.

I matured great work experience since 2008 and the most relevant was at the position at European Space Agency - ESO (European Southern Observatory) in Munich. I was the only IT Apple specialist in the division and I supported more than 400 employees and researchers that used Windows, Unix, and Macintosh. My official position was for Apple specialist technician support, due to my technician Apple for Software and Hardware certificate. I administrated and supported all desktop, laptop, and OS X Server Apple, but also the other systems, being the only IT Apple support specialist. Within OS X Server I worked in collaboration with software programmers, to package applications that needed to be tested. I then was in charge of the upload on the server, setting up and testing the automatic updates and the distribution of every software and operative systems. The agency used Munki server application. My skills are:Apple computer (OS X, OS X Server, Hardware) and devices (iOS, and hardware), Open directory.Windows knowledge from 95 to 10, and basic windows server, Active Directory.Unix: I have a basic knowledge to setup and setting OS (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora), to create a web service with a necessary program to support a web site (Apache, MySQL, Email Account and setting, TomCat, CPanel).Network knowledge: WLAN, LAN, DHCP, DNS, Proxy, VPN, network printers, NAS, ROUTER, data sharing (SMB, AFT, FTP, Etc.), Apache, Email Account and setting, MySQL, managing users, Active Directory, Open Directory.I am familiar working with Munki servers (similar to JAMF Casper Suite Administration) to administrate, to distribute, and to package softwares in OS X.Knowledge of the following applications: Adobe Muse, Adobe Photoshop, Aperture (OS X), Adobe Media Encoder, iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Office Microsoft, Office 365, OpenOffice, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Server OS X, Mail (Apple, Windows), Outlook, Exchange Microsoft. Browser knowledge: (Internet explore, Safari, FireFox, Opera, Google Chrome).I have a basic knowledge of virtualization with the following software: VMware (Fusion, ESXI, vSphere), VirtualBox, and Parallels Desktop.
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